Why Use Collaborative Divorce?

Why would you use collaborative divorce? If you have a family it is the better approach to take, that’s why. Collaborative divorce is an effective way where each side in the divorce is able to reach a fair solution and resolve differences. With collaborative divorce, it is more a question about if you’re going to treat the divorce like a sensible adult or not.

Collaborative divorce addresses more than just the legal issues. It looks at the grand scale pictures – looking out for the emotional issues as well. Court, battling out who is going to get what – this is something no child should ever have to be a part of. Kids shouldn’t have to see their mother and father showing such a display of hostility towards one another. It is inconsiderate, unfair, and unkind to them.

Even though you are leaving someone, you are working together to get what best works for everyone else.  Use it if you care about your loved ones. Use it if you want to set an example for your children, despite the fact that you are getting divorced.

However, collaborative divorce is not for everyone or every situation. It requires that those involved be committed to working with and not against the other party in order to achieve results.

Collaborative divorce and its participants are committed to creating a process that is safe and that does not cause further harm to the participants and the families involved.

Collaborative divorce results in a negotiated settlement that is reached without the costs and conflict that accompany traditional methods. The atmosphere of collaborative divorce is respectful and much less stressful than traditional litigation. Collaborative divorce provides the parties with an agreement that is designed by the parties, with the assistance of their collaborative divorce lawyers.