Collaborative Divorce Articles

Are you considering using collaborative divorce? If so, then this website is for you. It provides a brief and easy to understand introduction, so you that you can make a wise choise.

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What is Collaborative Divorce? – Collaborative divorce is the newest method of alternative dispute resolution in family law.

Why Use Collaborative Divorce? – Collaborative divorce is an effective way where each side in the divorce is able to reach a fair solution and resolve differences.

History of Collaborative Divorce – It was 1990 in the city of Minneapolis Minnesota that the lawyer Stuart Webb founded collaborative divorce.

Who can Benefit from Collaborative Divorce? – Collaborative divorce is not for everyone or every situation.

Interest-based Bargaining and Position-based Bargaining – Find out what the differences between the two are.

How Do You Start A Collaborative Divorce? – A person interested in collaborative will normally first discuss the idea with his or her spouse.

Lawyer’s Role in Collaborative Divorce – In collaborative divorce, the lawyer is not neutral.

Cost of Litigation vs Collaborative Divorce – Collaborative divorce is cheaper than litigation (going to court) court because collaborative divorce does not involve the multitude of steps, fees and court costs.

7 Reasons to Choose Collaborative Divorce Attorneys – There are seven main benefits to collaborative divorce law, but for it to work both spouses must be committed to working together to have an amicable divorce.